Design Excellence

We have repeatedly delivered great business value to our clients by bringing new products to the market with expert design and development services.

Engineering Support

Do you have existing designs that require specialist advice for international compliance, manufacturing or supply chain challenges?

Design Reviews

Does your design team have great skills and knowledge, but is light on experience? Do you need to look at a problem from fresh perspective?

Engineering Management

Interim technical management support is available if you have a gap in your team leadership.

How we bring you success



We have generated some fantastic ideas that have helped turn good products into great ones.

Problem solving

Creative thinking is vital for solving design, manufacturing, and supply challenges. We dig deep with manufacturers and suppliers to understand constraints and to try to find a better way.

Managing trade offs

A lot of engineering is about managing trade offs and conflicting design requirements. We take time to understand and question the requirements to see if there are ways to open up the solution space.


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Engineering Discipline


Our creativity is well balanced with solid engineering processes. Manufacturers love our detailed manufacturing data packs all wrapped up in a simple controlled document system. Engineering Change Notices formally document the product evolution.

Risk Management

Identifying, communicating and mitigating risks is a crucial part of every product development project. Leverage our 20+ years of experience to quickly identify risks. And enjoy our easy communication style to mutually manage them to a level that you are comfortable with.

Technical Competencies

Here is a quick overview of some of the technologies we have used before.

Communication Systems



EMC Emissions
EMC Immunity
CE Directives


Tools we use

Altium Designer
Embarcadero C++ Builder
Atmel Studio

Microprocessor Families


Discover great service

We are easy to work with, and our designs have stood the test of time.

Product Development Community

Industry connections

We have established strong connections with pre qualified international and national suppliers, manufactures, and service providers that can help you get to market faster.

Intellectual property specialists. Scientists. Circuit board manufacturers. Thick film manufacturers. Sheet metal and machine shops. Plastics factories. Compliance laboratories. Electronic component suppliers. Metal finishers. Telecommunication networks. Wiring harness manufactures. Rubber keypad manufacturers. Label makers. Pneumatics suppliers. Automated test equipment providers. Rapid prototypers. FPGA specialists. Industrial designers. Environmental sensor suppliers. Ruggedised computer suppliers.

IRD Approved Research Provider

AEC Electronics is a New Zealand Inland Revenue Department Approved R&D Provider. Click here to discover the tax benefits this can bring you.

Packaged device


Graham enjoys riding a classic BMW motorbike, writing and playing music, and spending time with his family.

He has great people skills. He can communicate effectively with investors, board members, other engineers, manufacturing workers, and even sales and marketing people.

Graham can operate at a management level, but also has a broad range of hands on engineering skills including electronics, software and mechanical design.

What our clients say about us

Nigel Bamford

escea Gas Fireplaces

"AEC Electronics enabled us to bring new technology to the Gas Fire industry. They supplied design expertise that enabled us to get to the market in a very short time frame."

Martin Gall

Automatic Fire Alarm Monitoring

"AEC Electronics tendered for the development of our equipment and won the contract on the basis of price, delivery and thoroughness of their proposal. They clearly had experience, and that was a significant attraction. We have been pleased with the job they have done and are most impressed by AEC's continued support and willingness to see things through, even well-after delivery."

Nigel Hingston

Schneider Electric

"AEC Electronics has provided the Schneider Electric Design Centre in Christchurch with the flexibility to outsource certain aspects of electronic development for projects where design capacity was limited and a short time to market was required."

Scott Wilkinson

Skyline Enterprises

"AEC Electronics have provided Skyline Enterprises Ltd with a first class level of service and support in the design and development of our custom photography equipment. The finished products were delivered in a timely manner and to a high standard of quality."

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AEC Electronics is based in the beautiful garden city of Christchurch, New Zealand. Christchurch has a thriving tech ecosystem covering a range of industries from communications to robotics, telecoms to medical devices, and green energy to aviation.

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